BRBC have a home group on Monday’s in the South Croydon area.  Those who attend meet at 7:45pm at a member’s home within 5 minutes walking distance of the church building.  The home group generally commences with an opening prayer, then a time of praise and worship, an exploration and discussion on a Bible passage and then a time of prayer.

Newcomers are always welcome

Why should I attend home group?

  • By nature, home groups are smaller than the size of the congregation on a Sunday during Family Worship, so this is instrumental in building quality relationships.
  • Home groups are friendly and informal environments in which people can explore and study the Bible.  People can ask questions and discussions can be had on how the Bible has a bearing on practical and everyday issues.
  • A positive sense of love and accountability can be nurtured in home groups and this aids spiritual growth.
  • People can support each other by sharing and praying for each other.